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About the owner - Ron Kieper

So how does a master craftsman of custom furniture by day and professional saxophonist by night turn to becoming a maker of custom book slipcases?

This is my story.

My sweetheart acts as "Senior Secretary" to her father who is a self-published author. One day, she expressed to me his desire to have some kind of case to house his recently published three volume work to present as a gift during his upcoming presentation in Russia. Now, at the time, I wasn't being asked to build anything, but as a craftsman, I was naturally intrigued with the idea and set out to find out more about these "cases" for books. I researched high and low learning that they were commonly referred to as "slipcases", and studied how they were properly built. I further realized that my background as a woodworker would make me a perfect candidate to build one for her father's book. So, not long after this realization, I called her on the phone and to her surprise and delight said, "I think I can make one of these for your father!" My offer was accepted with excitement and five slipcases were built instead of just one as he liked them so much. They were taken on their journey to his presentation in Russia and remain there to this day!

Soon after their trip, my sweetheart approached me with an idea. "Why don't you put up a website to sell these book slipcases to others like my father?", she said. With that suggestion, Slipcase Books was born, and I've now provided hundreds of custom slipcases to appreciative customers across the country.

Like my music and woodworking, crafting book boxes is a very personal experience that I love and put a great deal of care and thought into. My boxes are not mass produced and impersonal, but are handcrafted one by one and therefore become a very personal treasure to my customers and to those who receive them as gifts, and you can feel the difference when you pick one up.

I would love for you to take a moment and visit my other websites below to get to know me better and also decide if a custom book box from Slipcase Books is right for you. When you contact me with your questions or concerns, I will always take the time to address them promptly in detail any day of the week. I look forward to crafting your next book slipcase or clamshell box that will not only protect, but add value to that special book you hold so dear. - My music website!

Our book slipcases are built to last using only the finest materials and techniques which include:

  • 80 lb. acid free paper for all of our covers available in 5 different colors
  • Acid free board for box construction with black inner lining
  • Post and lintel (post and beam) box construction for superior strength and durability

    Ron Kieper


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